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    Bottled Dit Da Jow

Our ready to use, bottled Dit Da Jow formulas are aged a minimum of 1 year before they are available for sale. All of our Dit Da Jow are filtered during the bottling process providing the cleanest, purest herbal tincture. Based on recent advances in materials technology, we have recently started to use food grade, non-leaching, amber plastic bottles to prevent the incidence of breakage and spills during shipping transit. All of our formulas are aged in air tight glass containers to provide the most stable conditions during the long aging period.
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Lung Ying Southern Dragon Dit Da Jow

Bagua Internal & External Dit Da Jow Combo

Bagua Hou Tian Post-Heaven Palm Dit Da Jau

Bagua Xian Tian Pre-Heaven Palm Dit Da Jau

Hakka Phoenix Eye Fist Finger Fist Dit Da Jow

Moi Fa Kuen Plum Flower Fist Hand Conditioning Liniment

Shaolin Five Fragrance Dit Da Jau

Li Family Iron Hit Dit Da Jow

Yau Kun Mun Iron Palm Dit Da Jow

Korean Cheosusul Iron Fist Liniment

Ba Xia (8 Immortals) Dit Da Jow

Makiwara Training Liniment

Wing Chun Dit Da Jow

Fut Gar Lineage Bruise and Trauma Formula

Choy Li Fut Iron Palm Liniment

Choy Li Fut Dit Da Jow

Grandmaster Brendan Lai’s 7 Star Praying Mantis Dit Da Jow - 4 oz bottle

Chan Ning Tong Iron Fist Dit Da Jow - 4 oz bottle

Mike Biggie's Ho Family Dit Da Jow - 4 oz bottle

Brian Gray’s Iron Palm Dit Da Jow Liniment - 4 oz bottle

Han Shi Bi Tang ''Cold Damp Rheumatism Decoction'' - 4 oz bottle

Xiao Zhong Zhi Tong Yiao Gao Dit Da Ointment-liniment for Fractures, Swelling, Pain - 4 oz bottle

Jie Gu Xu Jin Gao Tissue Damage Ligament, Tendon, Muscle - 4 oz bottle

San Bao (3 Treasures) Healing Liniment - 4 oz bottle

Ku Yu Cheong’s Famous Iron Palm Formula - 4 oz bottle

Wong Fei Hung’s Hung Gar Iron Palm Dit Da Jow Liniment - 4 oz bottle

She (Snake) Wing Chun Dit Da Jow - 4 oz bottle

Grandmaster Ark Yeuy Wong's 5 Family-5 Animal Fist Dit Jueng Tang - 4 oz bottle

Monk's Fist Dit Da Jow - 2 oz bottle

Shin Lien Chi Tie Bi Tang - Golden Lotus Iron Skills Formula - 2 oz bottle

Grandmaster Doo Wai's White Tiger Dit Jeung Iron Palm Liniment - 2 oz bottle

Shen Formula Dit Da Jow Liniment **SPECIAL** FIVE - 2oz BOTTLES

Shen Formula Dit Da Jow Liniment - 2 oz bottle

Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis Lineage Dit Da Jow Liniment - 2 oz bottle

Mew Hing Iron Palm Liniment - 2 oz bottle

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