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Mew Hing Iron Palm Liniment - 2 oz bottle    SKU # 20016

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This formula is specifically for use in the practice of Iron Palm training using the striking bag, grip bag and conditioning bar in addition to other forms of Iron body, Iron bridge training and including Chi Sao sensitivity training, Iron Rings, Rattan Ring, Roller bar and others from the various lineages.

This formula will protect the practitioner from injury while allowing the body's natural protective shield, the Wei Chi to increase thereby strengthening the conditioning and resistance to blows. This is a highly effective combination.

NOTE: This formula was given to Shen Martial Arts in its original Chinese characters and with written authorization by Grandmaster Doo Wai. Grandmaster Doo Wai is the sole inheritor, Jung Shee and Grandmaster of the Bak Fu Pai kung fu system. He is also the highest living authority on Mew Hing's 18 Daoist Palms and the original inheritor and holder of all of the authentic herbal formulas from these martial arts lineages. Please do not confuse this for other formulas going by using same or similar names, they ARE NOT THE SAME.

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