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Shen Foto Album - Last Update 6-19-07

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Shen Martial Training Supply in Vista, CA. Both a supply store and a school, Shen became a central meeting place for martial artists from the Southern California area. It closed in 2000 only to be reborn as Shen Martial Arts on the web in mid-2004.



Young Mario circa 1979


 Gran Dragon  (Great Dragon) 5 Animal Kung Fu School in Calexico, California led by Sifu David Moreno. I credit Sifu Moreno with teaching me the true essence of the Chinese Martial Arts and with instilling in me a love for Chinese Kung Fu. Thank you Sifu David, you saved my life.


Los Angeles Chinatown 2005: Site of the Old Wah Que Kung Fu studio on Daley Street. The site is now a Buddhist Temple.


Meet up with Seming Ma and Students. Barnes Park, Monterrey Park California, October 2005.



with Master Seming Ma at Barnes Park, 2005.


Grandmaster Wong in the set of the Original Kung Fu Pilot



Grandmaster Ark Yeuy Wong's 2 Classic Books, "The Grand View of Kung Fu " and  "The Secret of Kung Fu".


Shen Private Training Hall

with Master Tat Ma Wong, a Friend and Role Model.

1st Place in Forms - My Last Competition in 1994 (Sparring 1st round disqualification)

Friend and Teacher, Master Wing Lam


Training with  Sifu Seming Ma


with Good Friend and Mentor, Master Tony Puyot - Northern Praying Mantis



Sifu Don Hamby of Hung Gar honors Me by visiting my home


And does some of His Awesome Hung Gar (Lau Gar Kuen)!


Mario Figueroa with Famed Hung Gar Master Buck Sam Kong


 Mario Figueroa Jr. at age 9 (now 12) working the Ching Jong - Balance Dummy


Younger brother Alan shows 3 moves from the Small Cross Pattern set (Siu Sup Ji Kuen). Sow Choy (swinging fist), Chun Chu (Penetrating bridge/attack), and Chop Choy (arrow fist).

Hanging out with Dave Cater of Inside Kung Fu Magazine


Sifu Thomas Fuhr shortly after the opening of his school - Chan Family Choy Lee Fut of San Diego (http://www.clfsd.com)


with Sifu Eric Lee, kung fu master and hollywood actor

Mario hangs out with Sifu Tat Mau Wong and his son.

Sifu Hamby and Students at SD Grand Nationals 2007. Excellent Performance!

Shen Kung Fu Club members with Daniel from the Chan Family Choy Lee Fut School (at far left in San Da shorts).


 Master Ho Dai Luong ( Tai Mantis), Prof. Carl Totton (Mok Gar), Master Leo Whang (Disciple of GM James Wing Woo) and myself very honored to be in such company.

with Sifu Don Hamby, Dave Cater (IKF) and Sifu Bill Rosary (Tai Chi, Al Garza's Matrix System).


with Grand Master Ming Lum and Prof. Carl Totton. Grand Master Ming Lum is one of the oldest and most senior kung fu masters alive today.

with Grand Master Ted Tabura. GM Tabura is one of the greatest martial artists and finest human beings I have had the pleasure of knowing.


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