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Mike Biggie's Ho Family Dit Da Jow Formula 5 Bottle Special!

Get 5 standard size (4 ounces) bottles and save over $50. This is one of our most popular formulas so Shen is making it available at a savings while current supplies last! Watch for more of these 5 bottle specials on some your favorite formulas.

The first of our dit da jow samplers is finally here! The traditional dit da jow sampler consists of 5 bottles of dit da jow, each containing 2 ounces of the following formulas:

  1. 7 Star Praying Mantis dit da jow
  2. Fut Gar External dit da jow
  3. Lung Ying / Southern Dragon dit da jow
  4. Chow Gar / Southern Mantis dit da jow
  5. Ng Ga Kuen / 5 Family Fist dit da jow.

All five formulas are authentic lineage formulas from each of these famous kung fu styles. These are training formulas for use as part of your regular practice to promote healing and strengthening as an integral part of training in each of these systems. 

But that is not all... other samplers are in the works as is a "choose your own combination" sampler and an Iron Palm formula sampler.

For those of you who already know which of our formulas is for you, we will be adding 5 bottle specials, so you can get more of the formulas you love at a reduced price.

Shen is a pioneer in the world of Dit Da Jow.  We were the first to offer authentic martial arts lineage formulas, something that has now been replicated by what we refer to as our "admirers". Our explanations, descriptions, research, and even our pictures have been 'borrowed" and copied by most if not all of our competitors.  

Our over 40 years of involvement in Traditional Chinese Martial Arts and over 30 years of experience with Traditional Chinese Herbs give us a  wealth of experience and having worked with and served hundreds of thousands of martial artists and non-martial artists have given us a tremendous depth of insght  and practical know how on the use and application of Traditional Chinese Herbology. Shen Kung Fu Academy now on its 20th year here in Vista is our living research laboratory, where herbals are protyped, tried out,  tested, adjusted and perfected. 

So, take a look at what we have to offer and check back frequently to see what great new stuff we are adding. If you have any questions about our sd about our Iron Palm bags, about how things work, how we ship, etc. please visit our FAQ;s page. If you cannot find the answer there, its because we need to add more of your regularly fielded questions and promise to do that. So, contact uwith your questions, comments, concerns, ideas, suggestions or complaints. We will always do our best to listen to you, our customer and to come up with ways to satisfy your needs.

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